The Hybrid Valve™ Dampener

Hybrid Pulsation Dampener
Plus Back Pressure Valve

Blacoh’s patented Hybrid Valve™ combines the steady flow control of a pulsation dampener with the regulation of a back pressure valve in a single unit that outperforms systems using a pulsation dampener in series with a back pressure valve. This simple and efficient design has a smaller footprint that is ideal for today’s more compact skid designs, fewer connections for fewer leak points, and flow stabilization technology to eliminate valve chatter.
US Patent 10,353,409

hybrid valve

See it in action.

Blacoh engineer David McComb demonstrates system performance with the Hybrid Valve.

A Simplified Solution

Using a back pressure valve alone does nothing to improve fluid flow. Adding a pulsation dampener will improve flow, but standard back pressure valves are not designed to work with dampeners. As pressure varies in the dampener, the back pressure valve negates the dampening effect by opening and closing before the dampener is able to capture a full pulse. Combining the functionality of a pulsation dampener and back pressure valve into a single piece of equipment optimizes the performance of both.

The quick opening and closing of a standard back pressure valves also creates too much flow (gain), resulting in inefficiency and chatter. Blacoh’s Hybrid Valve with patented flow stabilization technology ensures maximum dampening, applies continuous back pressure, and acts as an anti-siphon valve to create a smooth laminar flow with no valve chatter.

The Performance is in the Numbers.

Engineered with proven principles for optimum performance, maximum efficiency and simplicity, the Blacoh Hybrid Valve is the all-in-one smart choice in any pumping system. Tests performed using a back pressure valve alone showed no improvement in fluid flow (see orange line in graph at right). Fluid flow improves significantly with a pulsation dampener in series (shown in red) but, the dampener is not operating at peak efficiency. Nothing matches the outstanding results when the back pressure valve and dampener are replaced with the single construction Hybrid Valve (shown in blue).


model number diagram


1/4” (025)
3/8” (038)
1/2” (049)


Polypropylene (P)
Stainless Steel (S)


Buna (B)
Hypalon (H)
Neoprene (N)
Santoprene (W)
Viton (V)



Valve Spring

5-150 psi
5-50 psi (L)

Inlet Type

Socket Weld 1/2” (SW)
Flange 1/2” (F)
Union 1/2” (U)

hybrid valve drawing


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