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At Blacoh, we take pride in putting our customers first, always. We’re here to answer questions, provide technical assistance and solve problems with products, customized services and industry expertise. Whatever the application or need, our team of experts have the solution. Call on us and we’ll show you how we can put our resources to work for you.
601 Columbia Ave, Bldg. D
Riverside, CA 92507 USA
Blacoh Headquarters

Our Global Sales Management Team

Here is the area contact
U.S. West Region Manager
Brian Dretske
U.S. South East Region Manager
Markus Hillman
U.S. North East Region Manager
Paul Santangelo
U.S. Inside Sales Managers
Europe Educational Director
Wieland Stapf
Asia Pacific Region Manager
John Eoff
Latin America Region Manager
Cristian Rohde

Key Department Contacts

Diana Vise, CEO & Chairman
John Eoff, VP of Global Sales
Gary Cornell, Founder
Sales & Customer Service
Order Status:
Terri Simmons, Global Customer Service Manager
David McComb, Engineering Manager
Finance & Accounting:
Tina Blythe, Global Operations Manager

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