COVID-19 Support

They say the only constant is change. Thankfully, we at Blacoh are adept at change and tackling challenges. We recently sent out a communication referencing the definition of Critical Infrastructure per the Cyber Infrastructure Security Agencies website. While this is a great resource, the state of California, where Blacoh is headquartered, has issued its own more specific guidelines now available at

We are pleased to announce that even with the more rigid guidance, Blacoh’s operations still fall under California’s definition of “Critical Manufacturing.” Our legal team continues to hold morning debriefings regarding the ever-changing recommendations of Federal, State and Local governments. Should any potential negative impacts be foreseen, we will immediately notify our trusted partners. In the interim it is full steam ahead while we ensure contingency plans are in place for multiple scenarios.

At this time we are moving forward with the Blacoh “Emergency Order” Program. In an attempt to stay ahead of further restrictions in California, Blacoh is taking steps to pre-build and stock your items in our warehouses so they will be available to ship without disruption. As a valued Blacoh partner, we ask you to evaluate what your critical clients may potentially need over the upcoming weeks and provide us with that information so we can begin stocking in anticipation of those needs. This pertains to non-specialty pulsation dampeners, replacement parts, bladder kits, gauge guards, and pressure relief/back pressure valves.

Finally, rest assured that we are doing our part to limit exposure to our team by following all Federal and State guidelines when building your products or handling new materials as we receive them from our vendors.

We will be doing everything practical to continue to serve you with the same quality products and services, responsiveness, and partnership you rely on from Blacoh. We appreciate your support and understanding during this time of uncertainty. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with your questions or for additional information.