Hybrid Valve Featured in WaterWorld

January 17, 2018

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Combination pulsation dampener and back-pressure valve designed for maximum efficiency


The patent-pending Hybrid Valve™ from Blacoh Fluid Control is the world’s first combination pulsation dampener and back-pressure valve designed for maximum efficiency and protection of metering pump systems. It combines the steady flow control of a pulsation dampener and the regulation of a back-pressure valve to deliver improved performance and the functionality of both in a single easy-to-use piece of equipment.


Traditional metering pump systems typically use a pulsation dampener and a back-pressure valve in series. The back-pressure valve is not designed and sized for optimal performance with the dampener in this type of setup, and the valve operation is often out of sync with the dampener. A back-pressure valve can sometimes negate the dampening effect if the valve is opening and closing before the dampener is able to capture a full pulse. This quick-opening effect can also create too much gain within the back-pressure valve, resulting in inefficiency and chatter. Combined into a single unit, the Hybrid Valve eliminates the most common issues with installation while improving performance.

Blacoh Fluid Control’s new Hybrid Valve™.


A water treatment plant in Massachusetts was experiencing shaking pipes from the pulsation of its 1/2” peristaltic pump. The system is pumping chlorine into a residual analyzer that requires a very steady laminar flow at 40 psi for accurate readings and determining the concentration of the chlorine. Blacoh and distributor BAU Hopkins presented the Hybrid Valve as a solution, which immediately brought the system back down to the correct operating pressure and dampened pulsations, successfully eliminating the visible shaking and allowing the plant to achieve the readings that it needed. After this initial success, the utility has implemented the Hybrid Valve in three additional systems.


The Hybrid Valve improves dampening to eliminate pressure fluctuations in a metering pump system and has anti-siphon capabilities. Its smaller footprint is ideal for more compact skid designs, there are fewer leak points and it requires less labor to install. Its in-sync design has also been proven to eliminate valve chatter to better protect pumping systems. WW

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