Offering More High Pressure Dampeners with CRN Certification

April 9, 2018

Blacoh offers a wide range of pulsation dampeners with CRN Certification, including more high pressure options including the H2420_F series. The H2420_F model is a 6.06L (370 cu in) unit with a 600# class flange that is rated for a maximum operating pressure of 1,000 psi/ 6,895 kPa. Contact us at for more information.

Blacoh SENTRY I, II and III with new CRN 0H16407.2C BLACOH is now offering even more SENTRY I, II and III pulsation dampener models with CRN for all Canadian provinces, and we continue to submit more for approval. Most notable with this recent CRN update are flange connections.

Provinces covered with CRN 0H16407.2C: British Columbia • Alberta • Saskatchewan • Manitoba • Ontario • Quebec • New Brunswick • Nova Schotia • Prince Edward Island • Newfoundland • Yukon • Northwest Territory • Nunavut


    6.06 L (370 cu in), SERIES: 2075, 2085

    2.87 L (175 cu in), SERIES: 2175, 2185


    1.39 L (85 cu in), SERIES: 3020, 3075

    0.59 L (36 cu in), SERIES: 3120, 3175


    0.16 L (10 cu in), SERIES: 1020, 1070, 1075

    0.07 L (4 cu in), SERIES: 1120, 1170, 1175

SENTRY XP: (Select Provinces Only)

    0.39 L (24 cu in), SERIES: XPA24, XPA38, XPA51, XPA5, XPA7

    0.20 L (12 cu in), SERIES: XPA5

MATERIAL OPTIONS: 316L Stainless Steel, Alloy 20, Hastelloy C

CONNECTION OPTIONS: NPT, BSP, Socket Weld, 150# & 600# Flange

MAX PRESSURE: Select XP units up to 7500 psi/ 51,710 kPa

TEMPERATURE RATING: Select units maximum: 400°F/ 204C, Select units minimum: -51°F/ -60C

We will continue to provide updates as more CRN’s become available. For additional information or assistance, contact our Customer Focus Team at 951.239.3920 (toll free 888.701.2057) or email