SENTINEL™ Injection Quills

Deliver Chemicals into Process Pipelines
Safely and Efficiently.

SENTINEL Injection Quills are designed to safely and efficiently disperse chemicals into process pipelines. Chemicals are injected directly and evenly into the center of the process flow away from the pipe wall and where flow velocity is highest. This direct injection into the center of the flow avoids chemical contact with pipe walls and ensures more even mixing with the process fluid. The integral spring-loaded check disk prevents backflow of pressurized process fluid into the chemical feed when the pump is off or the chemical feed is disconnected.

indection quill
injection quills


CNC precision machined components.

Body, quill and check disk in chemically resistant PVC, PVDF, Polypropylene or 316L Stainless Steel.

Spring-loaded check disk prevents process fluid backflow into the chemical feed and stops chemical flow when the pump is shut down.

In stock models with 0.50”, 0.75“ and 1.0” NPT connections for easy installation.

Choose from EPDM or Viton O-rings.

Custom quill lengths and connections available on request.

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injection quill components
injection quill components


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